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At Care Facilities Management we provide the full spectrum of services for any client size. With our tailored approach and client focus we can guarantee we will advice and provide the ideal solution for your need.

We manage all size of clients and can adapt to any needed scale.

We like to make it easy for the client to understand what we provide so they can relate to what they need. So to help we have broken our services into 3 sections.

These services can be provided in full, as a combination or selected on an individual service basis.

Facilities Management which ensures we run your facility management to the highest standards. This includes providing, Day-to-Day Management, Ensuring Statutory Compliance, Risk Management, Tenant liaison, Budget control, Maintenance of assets and much more.

Service Delivery can be defined into Hard and Soft Services. Hard services mean these are non-negotiable and are required by law they are ones that cannot be removed from the premises or linked directly with the building. ie. Plumbing, Electrical systems, Mechanical and Engineering, Heating and many more . Soft services are not legally binding and make the building more comfortable or to enhance its status for the occupants. i.e. Cleaning, Waste Management, Pest Control, Security, Decoration and landscaping and many more.

Bespoke Services are any that do that fall under the above categorise. Tis could range from undertaking procurements audits, providing immediate staff , consulting around facility conditions, budgeting or safety aspects. Be ensured if there is something you donā€™t see advertised on the website to reach out to us.

Our Clients

We provideĀ facilities management and service delivery to all sizes of clients; small, medium or large enterprises. Here are just a few of our clients:

Aston Rose
cbga Robson
Croudace Properties
For People
Harris Lamb
Pro Logis

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